How to Buy Prime Condominiums in the Philippines using your Credit Rating and FICO Score

Many condominiums being sold outside the United States can be big opportunities to grow your wealth. However, no matter how good an investment in a condominium looks on paper, there is a good chance that the local rules and voluminous documentation requirements will be a source of frustration to the investor and force him to give up the investment opportunity he so wanted in the first place.

Many investors living or working in the United States, filipinos, non -filipino US Citizens alike, are missing a huge investment opportunity because of this situation. It’s a shame because the Philippines can be a great place to invest in. In fact, the Philippines has been ranked recently as one of the top countries to put your money on in Asia (See related stories and article/s bottom of Page).

Realty Group International is proud to announce that in the Philippines, we have teamed up with Ortigas & Company; one of the Premier Developers in the country. For more than eight decades, Ortigas & Company has been perfecting the art of life, work, and leisure by conceiving of and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time. As a trusted Philippine real estate developer, they have established some of the tallest buildings in Metro Manila, providing Filipinos with spaces to live, work, and play.

More than this we are now also able to offer the financing of these condominiums using your Credit Rating and FICO Score. Filipinos living in America and US citizens can now OWN their ideal vacation home, retirement home and investment property without ever leaving the US or going through the complicated and confusing documentary and legal requirements that are totally unfamiliar because of a totally different way of doing things over there. Through the Own a Philippine Home Loan (OPHL) Program, investors can use a system that they are already familiar with (Credit and FICO) in buying property.

OPHL Requirements:

  • Acceptable US FICO Score and credit history.
  • Duly accomplished loan application form.
  • Non-refundable PROCESSING fee of $200.00
  • APPRAISAL fee of $150.00.
  • Photocopy of Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the last 2 years PLUS W-2 forms for the last 2 years.
  • If EMPLOYED: Copies of pay-stubs for the last 2 consecutive months.
  • If SELF-EMPLOYED: Audited Financial Statements of the business for the last 3 years.
  • Bank statements for the last 2 consecutive months (checking and savings) – same months as pay stubs.


  • Contract to Sell

Please feel free to go through the website and choose from the wide option of projects that Ortigas and Company has recently developed or is developing. Links will be provided for questions and clarifications you may have about the projects and the financing. Take advantage of getting premier developments in the construction stage that are right in the heart of the residential, commercial and financial centers of the country.

Owning a Philippine condominium has never been this convenient and EASY. Check it out… Click the links provided and see you on the other side…


We have been building traditions, creating indelible experiences, and developing new inspirations for living.


Ortigas & Company is the benchmark for modern urban living in Metro Manila. For more than 8 decades, Ortigas has built a legacy of building great places for work and play, thereby becoming an important landmark in the metro.


Ortigas Center is one of the most important financial and commercial districts in the country, home to the Philippines’ most esteemed organizations and corporations, as well as malls that set the standard of city entertainment. It is a bustling nest of industries, from banks to BPOs, retail to real estate, and media to manufacturing.